Marina Vita, Puerto De Vita, Cuba 2017


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This is a quick review of the marina facility itself. 

At this time the marina is a port of entry, one of only 3 on the north coast, Vita, Varadero and Havana. 

Puerto de Vita, Cuba 2017

For my 14 foot boat the charge was about $11usd/day so a decent deal, I had access to but no need for electric and water hookups. This facility is Mediterranean Moor, most slips had mooring buoys. 

Marina Vita, Cuba 2017

There were large shower and bathroom areas, not in the best of repair but clean. The drinking water tasted good. There is NO laundry facility.  There was a small store and a bar/restaurant. 


Shower stalls

Toilets, some actually work

Outside of bathroom blocks


This marina accepts payment in USD so no panic on funds to pay entry fees. You will need to go into Holguin or the closer village of Santa Lucia to get local currency though. I will cover the money in another post. 

Red 10a

Above is Red 10a, anchor on the starboard side of this on your way in and wait for the doctor here, you can call on vhf16, but don’t expect a reply, I never got one. Prepare yourself for a wait. 

The bay here is super well protected, which makes this a great base to do multi day land trips, which is the only way to see the real Cuba and the way I recommend if you do end up there in a boat. 

Overall it’s good value for money in this part of the world. The staff is friendly and helpful. They could dial the searches and quarantine thing way back in my opinion but that was really the only thing that sucked.