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The guide book has this as a nice undervisited marina with a shallow entry. I don’t think the author actually visited because of the depth issue. 

Marina Guillermo, Cuba 2017, sailboat, paradox

Marina Guillermo, Cuba 2017

My coverage here is based on my visit from august 2017. 

Still a shallow bar at the entrance with lots of depth once inside. Nobody could give me an actual depth but 1.5 meters sounds about right.  It’s on the small size with all the spots being filled by boats doing tours and fishing for the hotel guests.  They had one open spot for my boat. Med moor style. 

Marina Guillermo, med moor, Mediterranean moor, Cuba 2017, paradox sailboat

Marina Guillermo, med moor, 2017

Don’t even think about coming in late, after maybe 5 or 6 as they run a cable across the entrance. They drop the cable in the morning before the tour boats leave. 

Marina Guillermo, cable, caution, Cuba 2017

Marina Guillermo, cable across entry, very difficult to make out: CAUTION!!

It’s pretty exposed in the prevailing easterlies, but the depth keeps bigger chop out. 

There is currently no store, the toilet worked yesterday and has a seat, the first I have seen in Cuba. Unfortunately, today, they ran out of water for an unknown length of time. 

This marina is NOT a port of entry, but you can check out of the country from here. Which is what I did. It’s a relatively short hop across the channel to Andros island in the Bahamas. 

The good news! People here are awesome!

It’s a 20 or 30 minute walk to the nearest hotel, after a short wait at the gate I was able to exchange currency and access wifi using the usual card, lunch at the restaurant may have been possible. 

On the way to the hotel you pass a nice flamingo viewing area, and there are a couple routes down to the very long white beach, Playa El Paso, where many kite surfers were active. 

Flamingos, Marina Guillermo, Cuba 2017

Flamingos, Marina Guillermo, Cuba 2017

Across the main road from the marina is a tiny gas station that has a few snacks and cold drinks for sale. 

Playa El Paso, Cuba 2017, Marina Guillermo

Plays El Paso, Cuba 2017

I used this marina to stage a several day trip to Moròn, which was a fantastic experience.