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I learned at the first marina that the tour boat captains here usually have a long boating history, many graduates of the maritime academy. Many have a boating tradition in their family. 

They seem to understand the small boat thing I’m doing better than most ‘normal’ people, and sort of welcomed me into the fold. Everyone works together, extra food and fish is shared as well as stories and jokes. 

One guy greets me with a big ‘Aloha!’ every morning, he’s a big fan of Hawaii 5-0. I’m still not sure if it’s the old one or the new one. I shared some photos and videos of the Bahamas and Hawaii. As expected, these guys don’t get out of Cuba much, as in never for most of them.  

The main catch here at this time of year is barracuda, but I’ve seen a few others, snapper, grouper and even a tuna.

Cuban Barracuda

Cuban grouper


Let me tell you, barracuda, fresh caught, fried with salt and pepper will just melt in your mouth. These guys can cook some terrific meals. 

Even though the marina facility here isn’t much to talk about, the people are fantastic and my time with them will be a treasured memory. 

Just before I sailed out I distributed my remaining pesos and much of my wardrobe, since I didn’t have much use for either where I was going.