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Today I pushed onward to Duncan Town, the only town in the Jumento chain.  I pinched pretty hard all day, and needed to avoid several very shallow areas. Today’s tidal change was about 7 feet. 

When I arrived near the entrance to the super long, super narrow, super headwindy channel that is the only way into town, I was a bit early, it was about a -1 foot low tide. So I ate lunch, shaved, did a tidy up on the inside of the boat to kill some time and let some water cover the flats. 

I didn’t wait long enough, haha, and ended up wading across the shallowest bit. It happens. But I wanted to get into town before it got late

Then the fun began, about 1.5 miles of yuloh practice! It wasn’t that bad until the wind picked up to about 10-15, on the nose, except for little side gusts that tried to ground me on the edge of the very narrow channel. Anyhow, I arrived with just enough time to get a soda at the bar, then the barmaid opened the store and sold me 3 gallons of drinking water and a ginger beer to go! Then closed up both shops. Duncan Town was then closed. Not sure if it will open tomorrow since it’s Sunday. 

The government dock, med moor, not my favorite 

The famous sign !?!

This seemed a little out of place and/or time…

Several of these fixer uppers in town, the population used to be larger.