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Today’s plan was to put in some longer miles, so I did about 30, out of the several anchorages nearby I chose Buenavista as it seemed to have the longest, best protected beach anchorage, and it didn’t disappoint. The beach looks to be a bit over a mile long with nice clean sand. I can imagine many boats here during the regular season. 

It was still too hot to explore when I arrived so I put in my window shades and napped below with the fan. I heard what sounded like a dog bark and sure enough it was a dog, and a man!

They both live up the beach in a house I saw on my way in. I shouted that I would come up to visit when it cooled down. Which I did, interesting fellow, Edward has been here 9 years, is trying to grow a garden and make a bar for the cruisers that stop here. I gave him a couple extra apples, and had a good long chat about gardening and eventually politics. 

If you are reading this and plan to visit Edward, please try and bring some heirloom vegetable seed varieties that might do well in a tropic climate. Corn, tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon, squash, that sort of thing. Not hybrid seeds, heirloom so he can save and replant the seeds. 

I forgot to bring my phone ashore for pictures so I just have a couple from leaving in the morning.