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Well it seems there was enough water under me in the morning to make my passage to Water Cay after all.  This leg would be about 25 miles. I always estimate about 3 knots on passages like this so I knew it would be a full day of sailing. 

My goal on days like this is to stay dry and out of the wind and sun. So usually I close up the boat and pilot from inside. In open water like today, waves will wash the deck on occasion and try to splash through an open companionway. So just keep it closed. 

All was well until I noticed my computer fan had finally given up the ghost. With out the fan it started to heat up a bit, nothing I could do really underway but I formulated a possible fix to work on later. 

So here’s what I ended up with. I had to make some brackets by heating Lexan scrap and bending it with a crescent wrench, but after much sweating and swearing it now puts out volumes more air than the old one, and it actually saves a tiny amount or amps since I usually ran both fans anyway.  Now if I dropped a bag of ice into the mast trunk I would have hillbilly air conditioning !!

The trip was worth it, there is a commercial fishing boat here that I met in George Town, but it’s a LARGE anchorage for just 2 boats. 

My friend Chacho and his fishing boat, he cooked up a barracuda they speared earlier, so so good! He has seven daughters with 4 different women, we agreed he would never be able to retire …

This is the northern anchorage, nice protection from east and SE, which is what we have been having. I’m anchored in about 8 feet of water over perfect sand. 

There are several black rays swimming around near the boat not blending in very well against the white sand. They seemed to ignore me when I joined them for a swim to cool down. 

I don’t have any cell coverage here so this will be posted at a later date.