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A pretty short sail today of only about 12 miles, the extreme high tides made for some interesting wind against current situations, I needed to actually stay further into the lee of the Jumentos. Live and learn. 

At one point the seas were close enough together and tall enough that it felt like the channels in Hawaii again, luckily that excitement lasted less than an hour. 

I’m going get an early start tomorrow and push further south than I did today.  The spacing of good anchorages demands short and long days. 

Another beautiful anchorage!

After a swim to cool down, one of three today, I went ashore and walked the short beach looking to start my virtual seashell collection. Catch and release style. 

I share today’s anchorage with another fishing boat. Not as friendly as the last but we spoke for a couple minutes after they finished burning trash on the beach, the worst beach BBQ ever!! I can still smell it. Apparently they also char the fish scraps as they make better trap bait cooked, who knew…