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As the crow flies about 8.5 miles, for me it took about 10 hours…

Today was the day to get on the south side of Grand Exuma, which meant going under the low bridge at a time that the tidal current allowed it since I needed to drop the mast and yuloh. 

There were moments of great sailing, moments of walking the boat across shallows, and of course the realization that the charted depths were not very accurate in this area. 

The above track is an example of interesting microcruising. I was going left to right, directly into the wind. That first straight section was a nice wade along the beach, the water was just too thin for going to windward, then there is a fun section of short tacking, on one side waiting for the rudder to hit and tacking quickly, on the other side playing chicken with the jagged limestone shoreline, then, all too soon, once again wading and towing. 

I got a few more short tacks in before the bridge, then it was time to drop the mast and yuloh under, that part went so well I wish somebody was filming it. 

After getting under the bridge I noticed the water was way more shallow than it should be, after checking the tide table, I knew if I anchored here I would be stuck for almost 24 hours, so more wading , more tacking, but finally I’m in deep enough water (I think) to leave in the morning. 

The spot I’m in is getting wraparound waves that toss me around a bit, but that’s ok. I’d rather have water under me in the morning…

After cleaning up sand in the boat, eating a decent meal, organizing, restocking water and snacks, and a few other chores, the boat is ready to go in the AM !

Tomorrow’s sail will be in open water, hopefully not directly into the wind, a 25 mile leg to Water Cay in the Jumentos.  The Jumentos seem to be a seldom visited part of the Bahamas, just what I’m looking for. 

It’s possible I could have coverage tomorrow night but I’m not counting on it.