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After my long absence from the boat I was actually a bit surprised how well I adjusted on my return. 

I spent 3 relatively easy nights aboard while on the hard and working on ding repair. It felt like I hadn’t been away for all those months. Everything just seemed to be where it should be, including myself. 

Today on my test sail the boat and I seemed to still be ‘dialed in’. It was a very nice feeling. The sail repair I made looks pretty good as far as sail shape goes, but I’ll keep a close eye on it this week. 

Just look at that super sexy chine repair! Not as smooth as one would like, but with what I had to work with I am extremely happy how it turned out. 

Once again there is copper powder mixed in the epoxy, eventually it will turn the same green as the rest of the boat, but today it is very bling like. 

The crappy trailer I was sitting on was actually sold out from under the boat! We couldn’t find another suitable trailer on short notice so this crane truck was my ticket to the water. I knew a guy that knew a guy that could get it done. On the truck, into town and directly into the water at the pier was a bargain at $100. 

I spent the next several hours filling the boat to the brim with food and water. I think the total for a couple trips to each store was only $200, less than I budgeted for. I still had a little under half of the canned stuff I left Florida with last year. Knowing that provisioning from here on out will be difficult, I need to get it right, especially the snacks…

Last night was spent just where I wanted to be for so long, anchored in perfect white sand in waist deep, clear, warm, wonderous water. 

On my test sail loop, I passed an even better spot about a half mile further out of town, so right now I’m writing this from that very spot. 

​But the video won’t load so you don’t get to see it! Sucks to be you…