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The last several months have been filled with my work as a tour guide and the super extreme downsizing of my possessions. I will cover that in another post. 

But now, finally, I have things to post on this blog again!

Yesterday I flew into George Town to see if my little boat was still there, it was!

One of my friends from last season sent me a picture in May, but I didn’t know for sure until I actually saw it. 

Today and tomorrow I will be doing maintenance to the dings and scrapes on the hull. The starboard side is done, but the port side needs some glass on the chine and its currently in super bright sun. I should be able to start on it in another hour or two…or three…

The inside looked pretty good, although I had to exterminate an ant colony in the bilge of the forward storage area with a highly toxic spray can that advertised all sorts of nasty things that could happen if I got it on my skin or used it in an enclosed area, both of which I did.  It did a number on the ants nearly instantly and I shall collect the corpses to give them a burial at sea once I’m in the water and have more time. 

I was actually more worried about rodents and cockroaches. I put out loads of rat killer and borax powder back when I left and didn’t see any signs of either pest last night. Yah!

I managed to get some copper powder through security in my carry on, they flagged my bag and swabbed it (not explosive I guess), then shrugged  and told me to go once I explained what it was for. So now I have a tribal looking patchwork of ding repairs in fresh copper. They will oxidize in time, but they are very striking today!

I was happy the store here actually had epoxy and everything else I needed, but I couldn’t help laughing at the prices. Blue painters tape-$12, small squeeze tube of 5200-$38, I couldn’t buy the 5200 and I picked out some crappy skinny masking tape for $4. On the plus side, paper towels and disposable brushes were a lot more reasonable, epoxy? Not so much…but they did have it.