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I did one of these last year and it was a good way to keep track of what I need to pay more attention to next time. 

This year I started the trip with a tiny annoying leak, it just couldn’t be found, used epoxy putty to cover anything that looked like it might be a crack or scratch in the glass work. No luck, eventually the wood swelled enough to expose a crack in the glass where the chine runner and side met. Anyhow, it was good news, not structural and water didn’t get into the plywood bottom, just the butt block. 

I assume the damage occurred on the trailer because it wasn’t really set up for the boat at all and we towed it around fully loaded. Lesson learned? Probably not. The trailer my boat is sitting on now is a much worse setup, haha. 

Also I managed to chafe a few holes in my sail, I’m actually surprised the sail has lasted this long with the horrible abuse and neglect I give it. With a couple patches I should easily get another season out of it. 

This year I managed, again, to avoid serious sunburn and maintained my awesome farmer’s tan. I did scrape my shin pretty good while climbing in the partially open hatch, but didn’t use a bandage, it healed nicely despite that. I had a minor sea urchin encounter when I stupidly jumped out to push the boat without my shoes, and I know better. It was very minor, dug out what I could, but there are some tiny fragments left that are now part of me. 

Last year most of my boat damage was from powerboat wakes while tied to docks, this year besides Tarpon Basin I didn’t use any docks, there really weren’t any that I could or wanted to tie up to. So I might have learned that lesson. Time will tell. 

All in all, not bad. Hopefully my lucky streak continues.