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I got going just after sunrise today to finish the miles left from yesterday and hit the English Cove boat ramp. 

High points for this stop are about a 1.5 mile walk to services, garbage receptacles, fresh water spigot and beach showers ! Everything a microcruiser could need. 

I had a fast walk into the services area and picked up another sandwich for lunch. By the time I walked back and filled my water jugs I was ready for that refreshing cold water shower. Once everything was deposited, purchased, filled, washed and stowed it was time to shove off for Fort McRee. 

It is certainly a treat to sail on days when the wind cooperates. Beam reach to dead downwind. Most of it around 4 knots boat speed, but as I got close to the pass the wind slowed and I was averaging closer to 2 knots, luckily my timing was good and only a mild current was flowing in the pass. 

I had been to this spot before, once last year and a few days ago on a day cruise on Pat’s boat so the layout was familiar. You have to be careful running downwind into unknown harbors while under sail. 

Bow and stern anchors, wading distance to the beach. 

I walked around just a bit, and might try again later when it cools down. 

I put up my new window covers minus the front window, since the sun wasn’t hitting it and OMG, I could not believe how nice it was inside the boat when I got back. Cool enough to sit inside with the fan going on low speed. Best $30 upgrade ever!