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This is a portion of an email to a friend, he said I should post it, his advice has always been good. I think he was referring to another part of the email but this part I will share now. 

“It sometimes takes a bit of time for me to get into the “zone” while living aboard, but I must be there now. All the right muscles have strengthened, I’m much more flexible, my hands and feet are callused in the right places, I no longer bother with the self inflating sleeping pad, I’ve had 2 real showers in the last month, but don’t miss them that much. I’m just comfortable, sustainably comfortable.”

This is where I am now, I feel like I could go on sailing like this almost indefinitely. Getting stronger and more adapted to the boat everyday. Unfortunately all this boat conditioning goes away rather quickly when I return to “normal” life and I have to start over at the beginning of every sailing trip. 

Perhaps someday I won’t have the need to return to that “normal” life so soon and I can explore just how deep into the “zone” I can go.