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Yesterday I made some good miles to end up at Little Farmers Cay. I sailed into the Black Point Settlement to see what was there, I was told two restaurants but I wasn’t hungry, the beach was rocky and there were a lot of powerboat wakes so I continued south, I was already in town for two days, time for remoteness again. 

Had a nice quiet night and a late morning start. A little swim and then breakfast before sailing on. 

Not too long into the day I started to get some contrary current but the wind was still good so I went on. Eventually the wind turned against me as well. Knowing it was pointless to fight it I stopped here.


I planned to sail on, but when conditions were good again I only had 2 hours of light left, I was unlikely to find another spot this good so here I stay. 

Had a nice explore and another little swim. 
These may be the most unfriendly looking rocks I have ever come across.

Backstreet to Atlantis?

A smelly cave, or maybe it was just me