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The next few days here have well above average tide changes, over 5 feet. This makes the hours I choose to sail crucial. It’s actually a fun challenge to sail the boat sideways to get where I’m trying to go. 

Without the INavX app on my iPhone keeping track of my actual course over the ground I would be lost and give up much sooner in the day. Today’s total miles ended up at 10 after two sailing sessions, pinching tightly a majority of the time. At times my actual progress over the ground was 60 degrees off from the direction the boat was pointing. 

At every gap between islands that is open to the Atlantic the current will push you backwards, sideways, and forward the order depending on if the tide is going in or out. Then you have the eddies which are less predictable that swirl around behind and between islands and naturally around the different depth contours. 

The up side is the great places I got to explore due to the uncooperative wind and tides. My afternoon stop had a hill to climb, rays, a turtle and a barracuda that followed me several minutes while I was using the yuloh.