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I was intending to stop at Bobs Cay (who wouldn’t) but as I got close it looked like the Atlantic swell was wrapping around into the spot I wanted to anchor. Hamlet Cay looked better, even though it was smaller, I just tucked right in close. 

Hamlet took me about 20 minutes to walk around, being very careful to not fall on any of that unfriendly rock. There were a few footprints on the beach so someone was there before me; however, it was all mine for the night. 

The next morning the wind was very light, and out of the west, even with a favorable current it was slow going. So slow that the police came alongside to say hello and check my papers, they wanted to know if I was alone onboard, they didn’t come aboard to check and took my word for it. A little later I yuloh sailed out into deeper water to catch some wind I could see and after that made really good time to arrive in George Town. 

I stopped in the lee of Goat Cay, north of town because I thought the walk would be nice. Great spot to anchor, not so much for the walking part. While in town I got a couple of items at the Exumas Market to check that out, it’s not bad actually. Also scoped out the harbor to spot any good microcruiser landings and found one, kind of industrial and fishbowl at the same time so just a spot to get ashore and visit town. The bulk of the cruisers seem to be across the way at Stocking Island and I will probably head over there tomorrow to have a look around.