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I could see by the color change that it was very shallow up ahead but since the tide was rising I went for it rather than add extra miles going around the cay. 

As I rounded a point I could hear a dog barking. Silly dog, had he never seen a sailboat before. 

The water got shallow, I lifted the rudder a bit. The dog kept barking frantically. Running back and forth on shore maybe 300 feet away. 

The chine dug into the sand, I slacked the sheet and leaned over to level the boat and reduce draft. The dog started chasing me, half swimming, half wading. 

I continued to bump the bottom and slow as the dog is gaining on me, still barking frantically. 

At this point I bottomed out and it was time to get out and push, now the dog has me! “Where is my hammer” I think. Instead of digging out my hammer I yell at the dog a few times, then a few more choice phrases before he gets the idea and starts wading back to shore. 

I hop out and push for about 30 feet and it’s back to sailing, the dog is still muttering something as he continues back to shore. 

I wonder what he will tell the other dogs about “the one that got away”…

No pictures of that event as I was busy running for my life. But here’s a snail bush, incase you didn’t know where snails come from. 

And it’s just sand right?