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A popular stop in the Exumas, they hold everything here very dear (expensive), but they do have things including cellphone service so I can catch up on my posts. I visited all three of the “super markets” and bought a loaf of bread, it was a good walk and funny to see that the stores all carried mostly the same items. I’m tempted to sell the canned goods I brought with me and retire on the profit. 

I met some guys from Kentucky on a giant charter cat while I was walking around waiting for the restaurant to open, we ended up going to the yacht club for a bit. Fun guys and I sailed over to tour their boat the next morning before going to visit the swimming pigs at Big Majors. If they read this I hope they got to enjoy their last day before flying out. 

The pigs are the big attraction in this part of the Bahamas it seems, especially for the mega yachts. Many of both were in the area. 

I might upload the video when the bandwidth is better. Pictures upload slow enough. 

Anyhow, these pigs know this swimming for food gig inside out. They could see I was only offering the heal off my expensive loaf of bread so they wouldn’t swim for that, they stood in the shallows and filled the water with turds instead. When one of the local guides pulled in the pigs swam out to meet him, he probably had some kitchen waste or dog food and they knew him.