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Probably the biggest attraction of the Exumas is the park consisting of several cays, unfortunately they didn’t purchase all of them so there are several privately owned ones inside the park boundaries. 

I will try and add some videos I took when I get to a real wifi connection. 

This was a nice day of sailing and exploring and I should have taken notice the wind was fading and shifting south, but I continued on, trying to make up for sitting the last couple days. Several hours after this photo I was back tracking as I couldn’t make it to Warderick Wells with the current and wind both against me. Ended up wasting a few hours when I could have just stayed at one of the better spots I passed. 

About an hour before sunset I anchored at Cistern Cay, right in front of a house, turns out nobody was home, like most of the expensive private homes down here. Not my fault they chose to build a house right where they knew I might anchor someday. Deep sand, 5 feet of water and protected from every direction but west. 

Early the next morning I plan a short visit to the park headquarters. Only a couple hours of easy sailing away. 

I took the opportunity to hike the short trail to Boo-Boo hill, interesting nature trail and the famous pile of signs. 

I visited the office, paid my $10 landing fee and since the wind and tide were favorable I was off again, destination? As far south as I could get before dark.