It looks like it was a good idea to make only a pit stop in Nassau. I got what I needed there and sailed out with my remaining good wind. That wind turned less good as the night went on and a few hours before sunrise I was pinching hard into an increasing wind with building waves. After the wind direction became even less favorable I crossed off my first desired anchorage, too high. I’d have to tack into a nasty chop heavily reefed which is no fun at all. 

I ended up sneaking across some shallow sand to get into the lee of Saddle Cay, which is almost a part of Normans Cay. Anyhow there were two possibles. As I was passing the first it looked very well protected so I ran up on the sand and set anchors. The second possible looked better on paper but with the tidal current and high winds I wasn’t sure I could get back to the first stop once I passed it. 

Although it looked better on the chart, the second anchorage was a disaster, after I walked around the island to check it out. It had rap around swell, strong tidal current, steep beach, barely protected from the wind, and everything was getting sand blasted. 

This hop was roughly 45 miles and it took 15 hours. About what I planned so the sun rose just as I needed it. 

This is me, just happy hiding here from the wind for a couple days. 

One of my neighbors, edible size, but I didn’t. 

Two days of wind tunnel testing at beach number 2, glad I didn’t anchor there. 

Good weather again, time to go…