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I ended up using backup plan #3 on my Bahama Banks crossing. Light winds from unpredicted directions made the trip 36 hours long. I actually dropped anchor for about 2 hours in the dead calm to find a favorable west wind when I woke up. Much better than the ENE wind I had been pinching into for hours and hours. 

Rather than hit either of my first two options I went direct to Nassau to best use this window. Since the sailing conditions were very favorable. I chose to avoid Nassau harbor and used the nice and easy Clifton Bay/West Bay/Jaw’s Beach anchorage. 

The mess in the background is what’s left of the new dinghy dock I was hoping to use after hurricane Matthew. The mess in the foreground is also courtesy of Matthew. Nice anchorage despite the storm aftermath. Only 3.5 miles to the expensive but nice Solomans Fresh Market. Luckily a couple people took pity on me and gave me rides. Thanks guys if you are reading this. 

Another night of northerly winds so I’m heading out for the Exumas in about an hour. Once I get there it’s mostly north/south sailing and the trades are good for that. The pressure is off for awhile. 

Goals for this stop:


Fresh fruit-check

Nice lunch (Subway)-check

A few hours sleep-check

My BTC phone worked well as a hotspot and I was able to snag a GRIB, email and a couple messages when I passed near Nicholls Town on Andros Island. Even with the very weak signal I had. 

The first shot in the video you can see I managed to chafe a hole in the sail, two actually, on the Gulf Stream crossing. Strange and I’ll have keep my eye on how that happened. I will patch that on my next boat maintenance day.