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 So now here I am waiting for acceptable weather to move either East to the Berry islands or NE to Freeport/Abacos. The wind is forecast to really blow hard out of the NE for the next few days, with the corresponding waves to match. So we shall see when and which way I will be going next…

The people here in Bimini have all been helpful and friendly even customs and immigration. Prices on things are high, not a surprise really but it takes some getting used to. I already found a self serve water dispenser at $.75/gal vs $1 at the marina and I noticed a few hidden take-away shops on another street today that might be a good choice. The place I went the other day ran out of food 2 people before I got to the window, probably a good sign but disappointing none the less. 

A little change in the wind direction made the Alice Town anchorage a really bumpy and gusty lee shore so I made my way across the shallows and spent a few productive and restful days in the shelter of the mangroves. I tucked right in and had almost zero wave action and the wind gusts really only hit the top of the mast. 

I’m at the resort anchorage now with its free wifi so I can finally get a post out, but the upload speed is not letting me send the videos I wanted to. You will just have to wait…

The Alice Town anchorage went from this

To this

Faster than I liked, you can see I walked my anchors out to get off the concrete wall. I had 3 anchors out but it was still uncomfortable and worrying so I left. If it’s still like this tomorrow after I finish my business in town I will be heading back to the mangroves to wait for weather.