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I’m sitting under a tree at the only free wifi I could locate so I don’t have much time to compose a long story about how I got here, maybe later. 

Anyhow, there was a marginal northern weather window, I was really ready to leave Key Largo, so I spent a night utilizing tides to get into a good staging spot, weather that morning looked ok so I went for it knowing I could turn around if it was really bad. 

The Gulf Stream crossing was very much like crossing the channels between the Hawaiian islands, except the swells were smaller and the wind speed was lower. Just prep all your snacks and water, set the auto pilot, wedge yourself in on the high side and enjoy the ride. When the autopilot struggles too much it’s time to reduce sail. 

It was a bumpy but uneventful crossing. Although I did lose my classic blues radio station a couple hours in :-(. Anchor down in Bimini 2300 hours. The entrance lights don’t match any of the charts, but “red is right returning”. I naturally had to short tack up the channel but this time the tide was helping for a change. 

It’s still the slow season and the marinas are pretty much empty. I was going to stay at one for a night or two for some luxury but the $1/foot has a 30 foot minimum. Plus the docks are built for those 30 foot minimum boats, not sure how I’d tie off or climb up at low tide. So I’m in the free anchorage right next to the marinas and the power station.