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I woke up early today and the wind hadn’t really gotten going yet so I took the opportunity to yuloh over to the Biscayne Bay National Park docks. All the way in I finally saw a visitor slip. It was still a couple hours before the place opened up, so I used the faculties and moved on. Facilities included toilets, cold filtered drinking water and garbage disposal. 

Once again dwarfed by my surroundings. 

I decided to go straight across the bay and try to use the island for cover, the wind was forecast to blow pretty good today. I didn’t have many miles to cover, so I took it easy, heavily reefed all day but still saw 5 knots a few times. 

Skirting the islands for cover I decided to make a quick stop at the ranger station for Adams Key. Nice docks, except all the good spots were reserved for park boats of which there were zero. Honored guests got to use the cleat-less outer wall. Anyhow, just a toilet there and signs saying no. No fishing, no swimming, no camping, no fires, no using the good part of the docks. The houses seemed to be shuttered and unoccupied. After surviving a couple minor boat wakes it was time to move on. 

Flying downwind in 3 feet of water at 4+ knots was extremely nice. Angelfish Creek was the goal for the night and I got there before 3 for a nice leisurely afternoon. ​​

Since I’m mainly killing time waiting for a weather window, I spent the next day here as well. Utilizing my new awesome window shades. 

Not good service here so this post is late. 

My friend Pat took some great pictures of me yulohing and sailing. 

And a sunrise this time