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The largest light you see here is the original one I put onboard when I launched the boat. This is the third boat I’ve used that light on, it’s a decent light, is rechargeable, looks a little bit like a light saber and I have grown fond of its reliability. Sentimental. 

The blue one was a cheapo I picked up at a discount store, it works well, has a spot and flood setting,nothing special but useful, the minivan of lights. Practical. 

The tiny thumbnail USB one is by far the brightest of the 3, it came as an extra item when I ordered something else, the charge controller I think, in my opinion the coolest of the 3 but not very versitile. Minimalist. 

Pat was looking in the boat the other day and said “What’s with that huge light?”. I told him the history of it, but he was right. During this last short cruise I only really used the blue one as it was the most convenient. So although sad, I’m leaving The giant light behind. The blue light now has a Velcro mounting on one of my brackets so I can move it around easily and not lose it. The tiny minimalist light still lives on the boat, I use it from time to time and try not to blind myself while doing so. 

The moral of the story is that LED lighting is evolving so quickly as you can see by my lineup here, that you really owe it to yourself to see what’s new every year. I assume most of us have a pile of those old mag lights we all used several years ago. Remember how they used to be the coolest thing?