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I started early again to take advantage of the great wind, today I didn’t need to do that. The wind kept blowing me downwind with some speed all day and it’s still blowing at 4pm while I wait for my Pirate’s Cove Burger to arrive. 

I should have reefed in the 10-15 knot wind but decided to push the boat hard and hand steer since the autohelm couldnt cope with being overpowered dead downwind, especially with a couple nice big boat wakes tossed in. 

As I got close to my destination I reefed down to about 60% and lowered the speed to a more manageable 3.5 knots so the autohelm could take a turn and then reefed again to get down to 2 knots as I came to the  entrance of Roberts Bayou. My first time in here so everything was prepped and at the ready, yuloh, bow and stern anchors, fenders, cabin cleared and shoes on. Naturally it was a non-event since I was ready for anything. 

I wasn’t hungry yet so went past the bar/restaurant to anchor in a calm spot just beyond. I did a few chores and later yulohed over to the beach parking lot. 

The place is a dive bar obviously, good burgers but on the expensive side. After eating I yulohed further inside the bayou to find the boat ramp where this shakedown cruise will end. 

Insect protocols are in place as I relax and wait for my ride in the morning. Test sail was a success, a few minor issues to address but the boat is pretty much good to go as is.