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There is currently still a hurricane threatening the area I want to launch from so I had a few extra days in beautiful Pensacola! Why not a short shakedown cruise? Given the forecast wind direction Pat launched me at Navarre, an area that I really enjoyed last year. It’s a great mix of national seashore parks and services nicely spread out, protected waters and this time a bit cooler!!!

The top pic is Pensacola Beach or part of it. Nice sand? The next picture is from my anchorage I waded in, and walked over to the Gulf side to snap the beach shot. 

After getting launched I just sailed around a bit to see if I remembered how, I’m rusty, but it’s starting to come back to me…

A nice quiet night of getting used to living on the water again, nice. I loaded all that food for the Bahamas and I’m still experimenting with different storage options. That bow area is packed completely full. 

Anyway I had a lazy morning and sailed across to the city side and waded in for a subway sandwich, like any normal microcruiser would. 

After getting moving again I met up with Pat, he had decided to launch his boat for an overnighter after he launched me. 

The wind was trying to follow the predictions so I had a nice sail West, mostly on a reach but light. As the wind started to die down I didn’t feel like pressing on so I pulled in here, a few miles short of my goal. I’m under the blue pin. 

Yeah, it was that kind of day 🙂