The leading edge of the rudder/depth finder wears away faster than I like in these waters so I wanted to cover it with some copper pipe. It’s 1/2 inch copper pipe from Lowes, I heated it with my backup cook stove to soften it and then the fun part began…bending, reheating,cutting with an angle grinder, swearing, cooling in a bucket, hammering, trimming and scoring the inside surface for epoxy. 

It fits better than this, but I didn’t want to push it on for the picture as it is a bit hard to remove. I cut some darts on the ends to help make the required curve. 

Should wear much better when dragging it in the sand, which I love doing!

Here it is with the initial epoxy gluing it on, had tape to hold the ends down until the epoxy set. 

And here we are after adding more epoxy and sanding off the excess. I wish I had sent my copper powder so I could cover all the patches with that lovely green oxidized copper color. My biggest concern was patching up all the dings before water had a chance to do its thing.  The boat gets more used looking every year, but it still gets the job done. 

I’ve been delayed here in Pensacola for a week while a hurricane travels toward my intended sailing areas, so I will launch here and enjoy some day sailing before trailering toward Key Largo.