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The front and back covers are done now, they were a bit harder to do with all the curves, but well worth the effort. 

They make such a huge difference when I leave the boat closed up. 

That black computer fan runs all the time and vents out of the hatch under the turbo vent cover. 

Hatch open. 

You can just barely make out the gap from the open hatch and the overlap to prevent drips getting in (if you have good eyes). 

This gap is about 5/8 inches tall and the width of the hatch. 

Keeping fresh air moving through the boat is priceless to comfort level, even if it’s only a small amount. With this vent cover I rarely ever close the hatch completely, it’s very rare to get any drips inside. 

Total cost for this project was about $30 for the insulation and carpet tape, then about $1500 for design work and labor to make them…