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This is a follow up post for my Vietnam trip, there might be a few more of these since I have more time to reflect while sailing. 

For my usage this bike was not too small and not too big, it was just right!

This bike was already upgraded to 150cc which was nice, it also had nice stainless steel folding racks, the best thing about it was that it had been well maintained. I sort of miss it now or at least the freedom it provided. 

I actually wanted to get the XR250 but they run quite a bit more as far as price range, this one set me back $1250, I replaced the chain and sprockets ($80) and was good to go. At the end of the trip I sold it for $900 as I had no time left, with time I could probably have gotten $1250 but I chose to travel right up to a couple days before my flight, no regrets. 

The bike is not all that fast compared to what I’m used to but to be honest there were not very many times when the traffic, speed limits , sight distances, road conditions, and livestock left me wanting more horsepower. You just can’t go that fast in Vietnam! 

I credit some of the luck I had avoiding accidents to the torque I had available to get out of trouble. At stop lights I could out accelerate the local scooters and get into the clear area ahead, I could pass trucks to get out of their blind spot (like they ever looked back anyway, lol), I could power past taxi who are just hoping to run over you.  

The handling was pretty good and allowed me to swerve around the people that turn sideways in your path and stop. I could get over good size curbs and ride the gravel shoulder and construction areas at speed. I could ride through some pretty deep water without killing the engine. 

The ergonomics were good for a guy my size 5′ 10″. If I was keeping it I would get a 1 inch bar riser for standing and maybe take the hump off the back half of the seat. 

This was a high mileage 2012 bike, but well maintained, I continued that policy with regular oil changes, new tires, filters, wheel bearings, break shoes, the usual. In return I didn’t have any problems, not even a flat tire. 

As you can see from the pictures this bike carried me through some fantastic areas and I only scratched the surface of Vietnam’s potential. I will be going back…