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The prep work continues slowly on my adventure machine. It’s still very hot here, the only thing that saves me from overheating is the giant oak tree that shades the boat until about 2pm

The second fan is now installed, it’s the one on the starboard side. I didn’t really need two fans but I was very worried that I could suddenly be reduced to zero fans, not good! 

I spent a couple hours rerouting wiring that should have been taken care of last year and then I managed to reverse the wires to the fan while installing it making it run backwards which literally made it suck…easy fix though. 

Going through every bin, every container, every ziplock getting rid of excess items. I had everything dialed in pretty well last year so only minor changes and improvements. 

My friend Pat says there are 4 must visit places to see in the Pensacola area, and today we got the last one, Fort Pickens. The others are the Naval Air Museum, McGuire’s Pub, and Fort McRee. We visited the museum last year and it was the best of the bunch. 

If the heat continues I will visit there again. 

Pat through the doorway there and the very expensive wall paper at the pub, great food as well. 

Fort Pickens is huge, and has a very long and interesting history. A great day trip.