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After a lazy week visiting a friend in LA I’m with another friend in Pensacola prepping the boat and it’s pilot for another adventure. I probably give myself too much time to think about these adventures and how I should prepare for them, but what else is there to do?

With the resources that I think will be available to me in the Bahamas I have decided to trade my water ballast for food ballast. Food ballast is not as dense so it will take up more volume. However, every can of soup that I can sail across the Gulf Stream with should save me about $3 later on! I purchased $175 worth of food ballast yesterday, that’s a good start…

The boat was stored well over the last year (yes, it’s been a year already) thanks to my friend Pat keeping it in his carport. Thank you Pat! Only a light cleaning inside and out was required, no mice, no bugs, no bird nests, no wasps, no stagnant water! YAH!

Today I sanded and filled the dings I got last year, not pretty but water tight which is actually the main goal. 

I’m starting to go through every storage bin and remove unnecessary items, already removed a bunch of clutter, it makes me feel better for some unknown reason. 

Still have a list of projects to make my life onboard easier:

Insulated inserts for inside the windows, dual purpose for keeping the inside cool and for privacy. 

Movable arm rests for the helm position. Basically repurposing items I had onboard that were going to get tossed anyway. 

Try to make a copper guard for the part of the rudder/ depth finder that drags in the sand when I’m having fun in shallow water. The original fiberglass isn’t up for that challenge without constant upkeep, and I intend to drag the rudder a lot this trip.  

Try and find a better way to stow the anchors onboard (now 4) so they are ready for quick deployment and don’t get all tangled with everything. 

Many of the storage solutions for the last trip need to be rethought for the different cruising configuration I have this time around. 

I’m sleeping onboard already and it feels very natural.