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This is the view from the lighthouse above Vung Tau. It’s a large, sprawling city with what seems like millions of hotels and guesthouses to serve the tourists coming to enjoy the beach. This is really the closest beach to Ho Chi Minh city so it does get busy I’m told, but not during the rainy season, which is now. 

I searched around for almost an hour trying to find a decent place for under 200,000 dong ($9), but eventually just gave up and picked one on a backstreet with the sort of shops I like to have nearby. Luckily it ended up being a good choice as I finally managed to get food poisoning, which completely knocked me down for a full day with the usual symptoms (ugh…not a pretty sight). I’m still not 100% yet, days later.

Anyhow, the beach in panorama!

Pretty decent beach, not crowded on a rainy day, but it had more of those small boats I love! I will post more about those later. 

Official rules of the beach, some funnier than others, but all intended to give visitors a better experience. 

A regular shot of part of the beach. Now the pictures here at Back Beach, on the other side of this peninsula is the Front Beach area which has the better hotels, I cruised through there but it was mostly touristy shops and expensive dining so I’m not staying there.