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After my time in Hue I headed back to the same beach resort I stayed in on my trip north. So far this is the best beach I’ve seen in Vietnam. The name of the place is Beach Bar Hue. Not the sort of place I usually stay and to be honest I stayed there the first time because it was the only place I could find at the end of a long riding day. They have dorm beds all the way up to very nice hotel suites on the Villa Louise side. The service staff are very helpful and the  food is excellent. It’s the sort of place where they clean the beach and rake the sand in the pathways daily. A strange hybrid of a delux beach resort and a backpacker hostel. 

Now if that isn’t enough the beach is also home to a good sized fleet of traditional fishing boats, I found myself getting up early in the morning to see what they brought in over the night. 

I planned on staying only one night but stayed 2 before I forced myself to move on.