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I was up at 7 today to cross the border and get some miles in, unfortunately it was pouring rain all morning so I just layed around until 10 hoping it would stop, it didn’t. After finally getting into my rain gear I motored 30 meters down the road for an oil change. 

This is my guy here, again we joked around for some time even though we didn’t have any language in common. Ended up using almost every Kip I had left so I needed to cross the border to get lunch, lol. 

This border crossing was the most casual I’ve been through this trip. They combined Laos and Vietnam personnel in one building, more borders should be like this. There was a tiny bit of confusion concerning the motorbike, I had all these documents for it that I wanted to share and nobody seemed to care, just waiving me through, oh well…

Not exactly sure where I am, just a few kilometers outside of Hue, which I will try and see tomorrow. 

It’s nice to be able to read a few of the signs again and I did miss the food. Plus I find the prices lower here than Laos. Somehow I lucked out tonight and got a local style, local rate room for 70k dong $3.25 or so, it’s very basic but that’s all I need. 

New luggage configuration I’m trying out, getting the weight lower, found these bungiees made out of old truck inner tubes (awesome). Moved the Altrider bags forward a bit. I have a feeling these won’t be the last changes I try. My usb plug isn’t working after being in two overnight downpours, so I will need to start over on that project. 

Accidentally found this little waterfall area yesterday when I stopped for a cold soda, it was just off the main road.