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It wasn’t going to be a long day of riding so I opted for the smaller road along the river again, but unlike last time this road was actually mostly paved and the bridges were all there. Turned out to be a very nice route.

 I arrived in town and decided on a guesthouse next to the river, as it seemed well located. It was a pretty much a disaster, the location was great for walking around though. 

Dinner from a street vendor, 2 chicken and 2 pork. Nice!

I am pacing my trip to the border based on crossing on the 27th so I have a layover day here, I had to change guesthouses though and I found something much nicer for about 30% less. 

Again I got literally taken to the cleaners, it was time to do laundry again, worked out to about $8.50 for 3.5 kilos.  My room tonight cost less than that. They will have it for me same day though. Laundry is the worst deal I have found in SEasia…

The Mekong River from last night and a temple from today.