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Yesterday didn’t really have anything notable about it to justify making a post. I picked up my visa for Vietnam and then put in some miles on boring major roads (main roads for the area). 

Today started out much the same but I knew there was some exploring at the end of the day and I didn’t have to do too many hours in the saddle to get there. I made an attempt to follow a dirt road along the river but only got about 3 km in and ran into a washed out bridge. Back to the main road for about 30km. Later I made a detour to see some caves very near the end of the day. 

I’m not used to the type of mud they have here and managed to drop the bike, very minor, but the bike was surprisingly difficult to get back up in the mud. No damage so I kept going. Crossed a couple of sketchy bridges and had a great end of the day exploring some very back roads. Two of the places I was hoping to see had totally flooded access roads, but it was a great detour anyhow. Tomorrow I hope to try the river road again vs the main road. 

Across the river is Thailand, so close, yet so far away.