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Ok, everything went as smooth as you could hope for the crossing. My details for July 2016:

On VN side motorbike paperwork done at customs. 200,000 dong.

Regular checking out of country, no cost. You get half of a green form to hand to the Laos officials for your motorbike. 

Laos side first window(arrivals) you fill out a visa application and a smaller form for the motorbike. Visa was $40 US, bike paperwork was $3 although the sign says 10000 kip, which is a better deal, but since I didn’t have many Kip, I paid in dollars. You get a large green sheet that you keep and presumably hand to somebody else when leaving the country. 

My bike on the Laos side, one border down, 3 to go if I can finish my big loop plan. 

The roads on this side are not terrible, just have to watch what you are doing. The weird thing is how the traffic changed. Less vehicles overall and a much higher percentage of cars and truck. There seems to be a large gap economically between the haves and the have nots. 

Some shots from the morning at the border market. It actually makes more sense when you see what is available on the Laos side, or more to the point what isn’t available.