I knew there was a lot of road to cover today to get into an area with services so on the road by 6:15am. 

150km as the crow flies and 260km by road. I do really like this sort of road, but after lunch I was starting to get burned out on it, lol

My lunch stop. Next to a river. Because I have zero Laos language skills I just attempted to order food of any type. It worked! I got a bowl of noodle soup almost identical to that in Vietnam. The damage was 15000 kip or about $2, big bowl too. 

Ended up in Phonsavan for the night, the first decent sized town I’ve seen so far. Much different look and feel from Vietnam. The city streets seem to be planned out for cars, lots and lots of cars. The petrol stations even many in the countryside are so big and western looking they border on the ridiculous. 

The guesthouse I’m in offers laundry service which is one reason I picked it. So far on this trip the most out of whack pricing has been laundry. My room was 70000 and 3 kilos of laundry was 45000…