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Today I was a bit worried about the road conditions because of all the online accounts of this crossing. The current situation for July 2016 is that the road is pretty good, I found one section of nasty mud and bike swallowing puddles, but it was only about .5 km long. After that, various sections were in various stages of construction. All in all a nice ride through some scenic areas. If it was raining the road would have been super slick in places though. 

Services wise you have Mai Chau with everything, then about 40km down the road another compact town with atm, guest houses, food and fuel. After that it’s mostly just food and gas until Na Meo. I wasn’t planning on pushing to Na Meo today but I didn’t see any place good to stop so here I am at the border. The hotel is a bit of a disaster but for $9 it will do for the night. 

Tomorrow I try my luck crossing. 

Top photo is part of the Hoa Binh Lake/reservoir. Impressive project.

Next photo is the Go Lao waterfall, much better in person. 

The panorama is just a roadside scene from the day.