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I had a long but enjoyable day on the mountain roads with little traffic and nice twisty roads to try and carve all day. Naturally you had to keep alert the entire time for loose gravel, buffalo turds, buffaloes, goats, children, chickens, rocks, and also a few motorbikes and trucks.

At the end of the days ride is a small town next to Ke Bang national park. The town is mostly hotels, restaurants and other services for backpackers and other tourists here to visit the park. Prices are generally higher here for the tourists, and surprisingly it bothers me. 

So today I decided to visit some of the attractions, but only managed to see one of the caves. The main attraction is Dark Cave, it was so crowded when I drove up that I just went right on by. I ended up visiting Paradise Cave which is quite large and spectacular if you like caves( I do), the cost was 250,000 dong or about $12. The park entry is free and they charge for the different attractions. 

Tomorrow I head northish, haven’t decided the route yet, but I’m running short of time on my VN visa, it expires on the 19th which gives me 10 days. So My current plan is to cross into Laos which gives me a 30 day visa on arrival. Then I can try my luck crossing into Thailand and Cambodia or get another visa for Vietnam.