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I woke up with a tiny bit of a tickle in my throat, didn’t think to much about it because of all the dust I’ve been exposed to out here. By midday I was wiped out with cold symptoms. So I stopped early today, besides that the road was super hot and dry today. The bike was hot, I was hot and tired, no need to push so hard. 
This is the guy who changed my oil and welded my rack back together. I used the international hand signals for arc welder, I pointed at the break and made the zap zap sound, that did the trick, he wheeled it to the corner of the shop and 3 minutes later all fixed. Oil change, plus oil and the welding came to $9. Fun guys, even though we only had a few words of each others language we joked around for awhile before I headed out to make more miles. This has been the bulk of my experience with the Vietnamese people out in the countryside, friendly and curious. I stopped for fruit and sugarcane juice earlier and it was the same sort of experience.