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I cannot say enough about these guys. I just rolled up to the garage and dropped the bike with a list of items to do. They replaced oil, oil filter, air filter, front and rear wheel bearings, front and rear tires, front brake shoes and even fixed the speedometer that nobody else would even look at. Total bill was 3.3 million dong. If you do the math you can see what a bargain it was. Anyhow they told me the bike had already been converted from a 125 to a 150 so a newer top end and they also think the odometer is from a different bike. So I probably don’t have 60000 kilometers on that engine. With a little maintainance and a little luck I might be able to finish the trip before I need a big service again, and naturally I will use Flamingo Travel in Saigon. 

Check out their website to see the tours and services they offer. If I had more time I would do some of their guided offroad trips.