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Located between Da Nang and Hue. This post is out of order. Just going through photos and documenting it while it’s still fresh in my mind. 

Interesting history for this area, it is the highest point for the area and was originally developed by the French. During the American war it was a strategic location and changed hands a couple times. Fire base Sledge I think was the official name. Now a national park. 

Unfortunately it was cloudy and wet this day. Saw some great scenery but we were tired and very wet by the end and had to rush back for a flight. 

The group tried to see the big waterfall, we didn’t get very far down before I turned us back around we just didn’t have the time, the ladies were a bit tired and we just weren’t prepared as nobody told me there was going to be any hiking. I think we might have done 100 out of 700 steps to the bottom of rhododendron falls. 

Shot from the top of the falls.

Pretty cool detour off the trail to the summit. Just like in the movies only full of bats now instead of soldiers. I didn’t explore much as the others were afraid of bats and I was using my phone for a light. 

Another circuit called the five lakes. A series of waterfalls and pools. The hike was surprisingly technical with ropes,water crossings, slippery rocks and ladders. 

The summit was completely clouded in so no photos of the view, I expect it was pretty awesome…next time?