After a short layover in Da Nang I’m back on the bike with very little schedule or planning, we will see how that works for me…

I changed the cargo configuration around.  Since I have those awesome rear racks I might as well use them. This setup lowers the center of gravity, and I can actually carry a small passenger or stretch out and sit on the aft end of the seat. If you have ridden a bike like this for a few hours you will understand the importance of different seating positions. 

Since I’m not just trying to maximize my daily mileage anymore I’m poking around interesting side roads. 

I tried this sweet ride out, but I’m not ready to switch over yet. Economical but slow. This shot is actually from a couple days ago, fun time. 

A scene from a beach not that far from the main road. 

I’m not sure how these panoramas will work out in WordPress. Crossing my fingers…

Today was overcast and not too hot at all, a thunderstorm started to chase me towards the end of the day but never really did anything because I already found shelter at a nice little backpacker beach resort, not my usual choice but it was getting to be that time and the storm looked pretty ominous. More expensive than my usual guest houses but at $12 for a dorm bed, breakfast included , it won’t break the bank.