Today I managed to put in almost exactly 300 km towards Da Nang, which leaves me 550 to go. Two things that ate some of my time included about an hour and a half of backtracking and about an hour at a mechanic. 

Things I learned today: 

1) All roads on the map are not created equal. My mapping app directed me to a road close the border with Cambodia, it wasn’t a great road, dirt, gravel, mud, broken pavement but it was kind of fun. Anyhow, I was stopped for a second to check the map and drink some water, and a couple of border patrol guys stopped to tell me that I wasn’t allowed on this road and I needed to backtrack a fair bit. No big deal really because it didn’t look like there were any towns or services for who knows how far. 

2) It costs more to maintain a motorbike than a person here in Vietnam. Today I spent about $7 on fuel, $5 on a new spark plug and $5 to change the oil. For my maintenance we have $5 for a room and about $4 on food as I had 3 meals plus a snack today. 

Oh my, helmet head and I need a shave, fun road though.