It’s been awhile, a long while, since I’ve had anything of interest sailing wise to post about, and in reality I still don’t, but my mind is busy thinking of the next trip. 

The Hawaii registration sticker was the only piece of paperwork I needed for the boat this year and it seemed easy enough, but paperwork never is anymore, atleast for me. I had already filed the change of address form with dlnr boating and was happy to see that it actually worked and received my renewal notice and I could pay online, but there was a catch, they wanted an extra $50 for a ramp use sticker which I didn’t need, so I’d have to visit the office, our Hilo office is only staffed a couple hours a week, eventually I get there during the listed hours and after a couple attempts there is finally somebody there. They asked me why I didn’t need the ramp sticker and I stupidly told them the truth ” my boat is currently in Florida”, the correct answer, I think, was “I don’t use the ramp” or “you have no right to ask me that”. The official has the impression I’m trying to pull a fast one to save on boat registration  fees in another state and denies my request. We then have several discussions including :

” this is the only state I have a residence in and therefore the only state I can legally register a boat in”

“14 foot boats don’t have registration fees in Florida vs the $15 in Hawaii”

Anyhow, he’s already decided I’m attempting to commit fraud, so we’re done and I leave before exploding. 

After getting home I make a last try by calling the Kona office to explain my situation, the nice lady on the phone sorted it all out, I paid $15 online and just have to mail in a new information form to be active next year…

I’ve also started a box of items to send back to the boat:

Misc hardware I might need for my minor refit in September. 

2 extra bladder bags identical to the one I have onboard already. I see many uses for these now. Unfortunately I still haven’t gotten rid of the rubber taste so drinking water is not one of those uses except in dire emergency. 

A small imitation Fortress type anchor that should be fantastic in sand as a stern anchor and kedge. 

A few lengths of old lifeline that I will use instead of anchor chain, it really worked well for me last year. 

A couple new phone cables. 

Cheap backup stove that uses the same fuel canisters as the sumo. 

Still to add to the box are a few lengths of new line (since it does me no good in my garage), copper powder for the bottom epoxy job, 3m reflective tape I found hiding in a drawer and some new to me boat clothes. 

There are a few items to be purchased and sent directly to the boat like a backup fan, freeze dried meals, epoxy and a few things like that. 

I am still considering a fishing setup, but haven’t convinced myself the food value outweighs the trouble.