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I wasn’t happy with any of the cooking solutions I had for this boat. I tried 4 different setups before getting the Sumo. Far better than anything else I tried and far simpler, which adds style points.

Since my “cooking” is just different variations on heating water the JetBoil blows the doors off most other setups. I leave mine assembled so it takes so little effort and time to heat water that I do a lot more of it than I used to.

To keep myself reasonably clean and presentable I take a morning and evening sponge bath. A little trick that I do is to remove the label from a can of “dinner”, put my bath water in the Sumo, drop the can in and bring to a good rolling boil, doesn’t take long. I let the can sit for a couple minutes before removing from the water. The water then goes into a little thermos for later. I eat from the can, rinse it and store for disposal later. Only the spoon needs to be washed. After a few minutes the Sumo is cool enough to put away. I know, I know, it’s not for everyone but that’s the way I roll. 

My JetBoil is about 5000 miles away right now, so no picture. There is no special bracket for the stove as it heats water so fast I just hold onto it while it does it’s thing. I do have a bracket design in my head that I will build this winter.

For my next trip available food choices may change so the “cooking” routine may change as well. Currently I prefer canned for the cost, variety and availability factors. My friend Webb is a big fan of freeze dried, and I will be ordering many of those for the next trip, they cost more, less variety and need to be ordered in advance, but on the plus side they are are light, compact and the used packaging stores well for later disposal. Another option is/was MREs but those are so expensive now that I don’t see them as very practical anymore.