Don’t do it! Or at least try and avoid it.

I knew summer was the wrong time, but it was the time I had. I also wanted to meet up with the Texas 200 crowd, but failed due to the shipping company. 

There were a few problems with summer:

Heat- the heat had entirely too much sway over many daily decisions. You couldn’t stop early in the day because you would melt. Many promising anchorages were passed by because it was too dang hot to stop. You couldn’t cool off in the water because the water was 88 degrees, opaque and possibly alligator infested. Even layover days had to be planned around shady or air conditioned spaces. 

No other cruisers- I don’t believe I shared a single anchorage. People avoid cruising in the summer months. It’s nice to have your space but it’s also nice to meet other sailors. 

Bugs- I think I got real lucky with the bugs but it was another reason some anchorages got skipped. Deer flies, Mosquitos, tiny biting flies and noseeums. My bug protocols basically meant closing the boat up before sunset and relying on the vent box fan to create positive pressure inside the boat that bugs couldn’t fly against and get in. Also lights inside the boat were minimized. During the day several biting flies would usually find the boat and harass you until you managed to kill them hours later. Mosquitos would hide inside the boat until dark then come out after the boat was closed up. 

You might be ok motoring from marina to marina and plugging in your AC like most folks seem to do, but for my preferred style of cruising summer was too hot for too long.