Given the miles covered and the number of days spent sailing this trip was about as damage/injury free as anyone could hope for. 

I used one bandaid and 3 of those chewable 81mg aspirin. That’s it, the aspirin was for a pulled muscle while toting entirely to many groceries back to the boat. I remember getting a mild sunburn on my lip one day, but I was very careful with sun exposure this year. I have that hat with side curtains and sun sleeves. I also cover my legs with a cloth if the sun is beating down on them. 

The boat damage was very frustrating, no chafed lines, no broken hardware, no torn sails. All my boat damage was from powerboat wakes while tied to fixed docks. Luckily the Paradox is beyond rugged. A little grinding, filling, some copper/epoxy and it’s ready to go again. Unfortunately the powerboaters seem to be beyond fixing.

I almost forgot to mention the broken wind indicator. A pelican landed on it early in the trip and snapped it off. I had a spare but couldn’t find it so I figured it didn’t get loaded. At the end of the trip I pulled out my first aid kit and there it was underneath, I didn’t think it was possible to lose something on a boat this small but somehow I managed.